Train with champions.

Learn Traditional & Olympic Style Taekwondo, get into awesome shape, and have fun while training alongside state, national & international world class Taekwondo champions.

Train with our competition team including members of the Puerto Rico and Trinidad national teams.

Call (407) 986-1193 or stop by to begin your journey today!

After School Program

  • Transportation from School
  • Homework/Reading Time
  • Daily Taekwondo Class
  • Snack Time
  • Active Games
After School 2023
After School 2023 After School 2023

Welcome to US Taekwondo Institute

A family owned Taekwondo institute practicing traditional (Kukkiwon) and Olympic-style (WT) Taekwondo. We are registered with USTA (US Taekwondo national governing body) and the AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union).

Fun, Fitness and Focus

At US Taekwondo Institute we believe that learning a martial art should be fun. It should also be practical and should impart the lessons that practicing a martial art is supposed to do, such as perseverance, self-control, courtesy and respect.

You don't need prior martial arts experience or even be in shape to begin. You just need to have the will and together we can help you reach your goals whether it's better physical fitness, better grades or focus, competing at a high-level or just having fun while practicing the world's most popular martial art…all in a safe environment.

We have programs for children through adults. Our programs begin from 4 years old and higher. We have students ranging from 4 to 70 years old!

Master Pena Taekwondo Seminar
Katelyn Cruz at the World Open in 2019 with the AAU national team
Sammantha Cruz at the 2019 Florida Open

Program Benefits

  • Self Discipline
  • Self Confidence
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Self Control
  • Physical fitness
  • Self Defense

Unlike other martial arts in the area, we are focused solely in Taekwondo training and we practice and compete at a very high-level producing multiple worldclass taekwondo athletes and champions. We believe we stand above any other martial arts school in the area and our results prove it. Just ask any of our multiple state, national, and international champions training at our school.

Don't believe us? Just stop by and see for yourself…or better yet, talk to any of the parents! You'll be a believer faster than you can learn to count to 10 in Korean.

Give us a call (407-986-1193) or email us to set up an appointment. Classes are always in session!

I live 30 miles away and drive here to train everyday due to the quality of training & high-performance athletes they've produced. Everybody here is determined & trains strict/no-nonsense, while remaining a close family that supports each other and has fun together too. Recommended to all ages, for cardio/self-defense/pure love of fighting/and to develop a strong mental attitude.

~ Joseph Nguyen

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